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Every Day in May # 7

Every Day in MayYesterday I did a lot of drawing, but I can only sharePencil Sharpener two small drawings with you for yesterday’s Every Day in May challenge. The other is for Sunday’s CreativeTherapy catalyst, which will be revealed on Sunday.

To the right is a drawing of my pencil sharpener. Not a perfect drawing, but a drawing, nonetheless. It’s really rounder at the top than my drawing shows, but I did blind contour drawing and, well, this is how it came out! I used a Pigma Micron and some Albrecht Durer and Lyra watercolor pencils.

EDM 91 - AppleTo the left is a drawing from the Every Day Matters challenge group – # 91 – Draw an apple. I drew this from a photo, since I’m allergic to apples. Yes, apples. I used a Pigma micron and Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils for this.

Remember how the other day I wasn’t sure whether I liked the paper in the hand*book journal. I’ve now gotten used to working with the paper and I do, indeed like it. I will be happy to take this journal to France when we go. I just need to figure out which watercolor pencils to bring, since I can’t bring all of them with me! That will be part of the process in the next few months.

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  1. Glad you like the journal paper now. And, the apple looks plump and juicy.



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