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It’s November 4. Election Day here in the US. Please, if you have not yet voted, get out there and vote. I’ve made no secret of my support of Senator Barak Obama. I’ve had his badge in my sidebar for a while now. And, while this is not a political blog, I do urge you to vote. Remember – your vote DOES count.

Yesterday I had my treatment. We had to move my treatment up because my vertigo has been hitting with a vengeance. I’m doing better – though I do have the lovely side-effects of the medication: nausea, fatigue… Lovely, eh?

And so today, while dealing with these lovely side-effects, I have the added stress of the election.  I have been impatiently watching the news, changing the channel when it gets too upsetting. And, no the returns have not come out yet. The upsetting part is that in this great nation, the nation that is the beacon for democracy, we have people who are kept from their given right to vote. I suspect I’ll stay up as long as I can to find out about the outcome. Though, honestly, with all the problems out there, it could be a few days. I’m trying to keep myself grounded.

And, as usual, to keep myself grounded, I am sitting in the studio. I have spent some time today going through magazines that have piled up – recycled some to a friend; others I’ll see if another friend wants. If not, to Freecyle they go… I’ve also done some journaling. There is very little to show but this past week’s CreativeTherapy result:

Catalyst 34 - A Song That Brings Back Memories

Catalyst 34 - A Song That Brings Back Memories

As long as I can remember, listening to music has been a part of my life. It was hard to pick just one to focus on, but as I went through iTunes to find a song that made me smile with a memory, I came across Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”. It’s an odd song for a memory, but really, it brings back memories for me.

When I was growing up, I had a close friend, Jeanmarie, who lived around the corner from me. Late in junior high school, we started an annual tradition. The night before the first day of school each year, we would walk for about a mile to a playground, talking about the year ahead, our nerves and anxiety about the first day of school, teachers, etc. Jean Marie was the first one who taught me how to wear make-up. Jean Marie and I were huge Pat Benatar fans and we went to her concert together in the early 80s. We had such a great friendship and a lovely tradition. This song brings back the memory of that annual walk and daily connections at the bus stop.

Art Every Day Month

Art Every Day Month

I’ve joined two challenges this week, as well:

Art Every Day Month – sponsored by the fabulous Leah. The idea is for us to add creativity and art to our lives every day. Admittedly, with the vertigo and treatment I’ve been a bit lax in my art. However, I have spent some time reading, doodling in my journal, and catching up on blogs. All, I think, are creative endeavors.


Embrace the Face

Embrace the Face

Embrace the Face, which I found through a few blogs I follow. If nothing else, it will force me to get out my paints and paint at least one face each month. That will be good practice. This month’s topic is “lace” and I’ve drawn the basic image. I’m going to set up my palate in a moment… Painting grounds me in a way that nothing else does, so I’m off to be “in the moment” with my brushes and my paints.

Have a great Election Day!

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  1. It ended up being a wonderful Election Day! I’ve been too busy to keep up with your blog daily – I’m going to have to keep up on the Art Every Day.



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