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One World One Heart Giveaway 2010

Hello weary readers! I’m back! 😉

Once again, I am participating in the annual One World One Heart event. This is an international blog event that started back in 2007. It’s HUGE!

For some background on the event, I’m posting exactly what Lisa, the fabulous organizer of the event has to say:


I created this event in 2007. The original idea behind this giveaway event was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way. 2007 had roughly 85-90 participants and many connections were made because of it……friendships that are still going strong.
We had a strong showing the first year for sure, and then in 2008 we had just about tripled that number. In 2009 there were 911 participants, to say I was amazed is an understatement. 28 countries were represented in the 2009 event as well.
This is more than wanting to win something…….that is only the means…….in the end it’s about finding kindred spirits. Someone who may be fairly new to blogging, not sure how to navigate, find others and have others find them….Some are long time bloggers and in some cases well known in the blogging community. Whatever the case it brings all of them together. This is an INTERNATIONAL event that has and had participants from the US, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, England,Wales, Slovenia and more. It transcends geographical location, socio economics, political affiliation, religious beliefs……it’s a coming together like the giant community we are on this planet. If only it took a simple giveaway to create PEACE everywhere, in the mean time here we give from our hearts. We are not solving the worlds problems nor are we curing anything nor are we changing the world. We are merely generating a closer community between humans through blogging. What more could I ask for, my little idea has surpassed my wildest dreams of what it could become.


Now on to the good stuff: What am I going to give away this year? This year, there will be two gifts available. Both are art dolls I made.


Doll pin-cushion

The first: For an artists’ holiday exchange in 2008, I made these funky doll-pin cushions. They were well-received by the recipients and we all use ours all the time. So, when I was talking with my friend Angie about what I should give away, I remembered that I had one of the doll-pin-cushions that I hadn’t gifted to anyone! Well, that made my decision easy!

I’m giving away this lovely doll pin cushion. She is hand-made by me. The face is a face I painted myself and then scanned and printed onto fabric. I added the hair, beads, embroidery, and buttons by hand. She was truly a labor of love. I’ve enjoyed having her here in the studio, but she’s ready for a new home. Perhaps it will be your home!


Funky Doll

The second is another doll I made. Like the other, she is hand-made by me. I made a few of these and intended to sell them, but they remain here in the studio. So, this one is up for you to win! Like the funky doll pincushion, she is hand-made by me. The face is another face I painted and printed onto fabric. I also drew the main image in the center and printed it on fabric. Some people have told me it looks like a rubber stamped image, but it’s not! I drew this when Dave and I went on our first trip overseas. It’s the ironwork from our first hotel in Paris, France. After printing the image on fabric, I added color to the fabric. The additional fabric on this doll’s front is from Vintage Kimono Fabric. She is sewn my machine with some quilting, but the beading is all added by hand.  She, too, is ready for a new home!


To enter the drawing, please post a comment on THIS POST on my blog (Facebook comments will not be accepted for entry). Your email is required, but will NOT be published! It will only come to me – I need a way to reach you if you win! 😉 I will accept comments until noon Eastern time on February 15, 2010. At that point, I will add up the comments and use a Random Number Generator to choose the winner. The winner will be posted by 5 pm Mountain Time on February 15, 2010.

For the past two years that I’ve participated, I’ve made several new friends online. We correspond regularly. I look forward to “meeting” you and to becoming a part of your world! I’ll be stopping by all the websites of those who stop by mine so we can all get to know each other! Take some time to look at the main OWOH site to participate and to meet some other bloggers who are participating.

177 Responses

  1. your giveaway is precious…plz add me, then come over to mine I’m #717


  2. Grace

    Please include me in your wonderful giveaway. What a fun blog to visit on the magic carpet. Thank you for sharing! gracebending@yahoo.com



  3. Love your art dolls! Thank you for your generous giveaway. I hope you are enjoying the carpet ride too! Please be sure to visit my blog at #833! Rebecca in Connecticut, USA


  4. Your dolls are amazing! I would be honored to win this giveaway! Please add my name to your drawing.


  5. Peggy Woropay

    Hi….Your doll-pincushions are the best! What a creative way to hold pins…..and a piece of art all in one. You cannot get any beter than that!!!! Please enter me in your giveaway.

    Drop by and visit me at #584
    The Crystal Pinecone


  6. please include me in this drawing! I am so excited! Feel free to fly on over to mine as well! #882. =D


  7. Oh Fran, I LOVE your funky doll and doll pin cushion! I am a doll maker too, and I appreciate the dolls other artists make.
    Stop by my giveaway!

    Waxela (wa-shay-la)


  8. I love your pincushions and dolls, Fran! I’d love to win either!


  9. AJ

    Greetings from Manila, Philippines! Thanks for the giveaway ( :


    A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com


  10. Hi Fran,

    Lovely dolls — thanks for the chance to win one of them. 🙂

    If a glass bead necklace sounds good, you might want to visit my blog. It would be a pleasure to welcome you there. 🙂

    Greetings from Munich,
    # 849


  11. Wonderful giveaway! I’m having so much fun traveling the Magic Carpet and meeting such talented and inspirational people. If you can, come on over to #395; that’s me!


  12. Beautiful giveaway! Please enter my name, thank you 🙂

    If you haven’t already, please visit my blog at #711 on the magic carpet to win a designer Cath Kidston bag, handmade by me!


  13. What gorgeous dolls, please include me in the draw 🙂


  14. The pin doll is DARLING! I have a doll giveaway too.www.deirdradoan.blogspot.com


  15. Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful creations!

    Do visit me at #976 (http://singtatter-corner.blogspot.com), if you haven’t, to win a personalised tatted nametag!


  16. How pretty. I would love to be entered into you drawing. So glad OWOH brought me to your blog. 🙂



  17. Count me in! Both dolls are lovely.Happy Valentine’s Day to you! xo xo Warmly, Cathy in New York #1061


  18. Lovely! Yes, please enter me in your drawing!

    And you can visit mine at http://www.ofkells.blogspot.com

    Thanks so much!


  19. Please enter me for the lovely OHOW giveaway! I would love to win!
    Thanks for letting me visit!
    Stop by to visit me sometime….. http://creativeinkansas.blogspot.com


  20. What a lovely giveaway and what a pleasure it’s been to visit your blog. Be sure to stop by and enter my drawing.



  21. Please enter my name in the hat. I also have a a giveaway on my blog.



  22. janil

    please, pick me up!
    I’m your new follower since now!!!!Love these dolls!

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


  23. What a beautiful gift (and what a clever idea! She is lovely!)… I’d love to enter! If you haven’t already entered my give-away, please do so by visiting my blog #135 and enter for the chance to win 1 of 3 prizes! (My drawing is in 7 hrs (at 6pm), since it’s already the 15th here in New Zealand!!!)
    Good luck, and thank you for your generous give-away!
    Peace & Love


  24. oh my last day, I am so excited to see if I win any of the wonderful prizes. Good luck on the drawings. visit http://www.alteredpaperarts.blogspot.com


  25. I would be so proud to win one of your dolls, especially the pincushion! Please enter me into your drawing


  26. YOU ARE A WINNER! You have won my One World One Heart Giveaway. Congratulations! Please email your address to me. My email address is on my profile.

    I also hope that you will take the time to come back to my blog and look around and sign up as a follower if you like what you see. I also have another blog, http://www.sewingwithtrudy.blogspot.com if you would like to take a look.



  27. Hi Fran,
    You won third prize in my giveaway. The first prize winner has taken the collograph of the Queen (Ann of Cleves) and I have emailed the second prize winner to see whether she wants the book or the solar plate etching of the bird. I will let you know when I know. You can email me your postal address if you like. Congratulations


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