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Yes, people! I am still alive.

I know it’s been forever and I’ve completely neglected this blog and website. But I have been creating. Truly, I have. And there’s so much to share. I’m hoping to catch you up mostly by images here, since I  know that you’ll look at those!

Here is a link to my exciting new collection at VIDA. VIDA connects designers from around the world to producers and consumers throughout the world. Each piece is handmade by a highly skilled artisan.


My designs are featured on some of their products. Below is a small sampling of my current collection, which includes tops, scarves and pocket squares.

Embroidery In Flight Scarf

Part of my new collection at VIDA http://shopvida.com/collections/voices/fran-saperstein

Movement Scarf

One of my large pieces turned into a silk scarf through my collection at Vida http://shopvida.com/collections/voices/fran-saperstein

And I’ve been creating in the studio, too. Here’s what I’m working on now:

2016-03-14 09.55.24

Views of Embroidery in Flight, an abstract freeform embroidery on hand painted cloth

2016-03-18 10.49.51

Currently in progress and on my embroidery frame. On hand painted cloth.


Some photos can always been seen on my Instagram, I update that regularly with what’s on my embroidery frame or under my needle. And there’s always something.


Enjoy all and have a great weekend!




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  1. Congratulations on your collaboration and involvement with VIDA. Your designs are breathtaking. So’s your stitching. Oh my goodness, is your stitching mesmerizing.


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