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about fran

Fran Saperstein
Fabric & Mixed-Media Artist
Phoenix, AZ

Email address: fran.saperstein@gmail.com
Phone: 602-697-0288

Fran Saperstein is a mixed-media fiber artist. Color, texture and shape have always intrigued Fran, and when she discovered the medium of fabric and fiber, there was an instant connection. With these materials, Fran is able to recreate texture and tell stories with her art. Her work is both abstract and representational, depending upon the mood she is trying to convey. Fran’s painting and collage work have merged with her fabric art to create unique art quilted projects.

Fran often uses stitch to draw, sketch, or add texture and movement to her art. Layers of stitch, fiber, and fabric combine to tell a story or convey a mood. Necessity and experimentation are the key ingredients to Fran’s designed purses, totes and cases. She uses no pre-fabricated patterns, but comes up with them as she goes. The fabric often dictates the shape and size of the bag or case.

Using recycled items is also important to Fran. Many of her pieces include vintage kimono fabric that has been over-dyed; others include sari silk waste, and still others include re-purposed fabric from many sources, including torn garments or linens. These materials, when mixed with batik and tapestry fabrics and sewing skills, create the bags and quilts you see today.

Fran also paints her own fabrics and dyes silk and rayon scarves. Each one is completely different from the other. No two are exactly the same. Scarves are made from silk chiffon, China silk, Crepe de Chine scarves, and rayon.

Fran’s artwork has also been shown at the following galleries:
SunSpirit Studio, Bisbee, AZ 2005 – 2007
Poudre River Artist’s Gallery, Ft. Collins, CO – Artists in Dreamland Exhibit 2010
Poudre RIver Artist’s Gallery, Ft. Collins, CO – Artists in Dreamland Exhibit 2011
Fountain Hills Artists’ Gallery, Fountain Hills, AZ – 2011 – present
On The Edge Gallery Scottsdale, AZ – Sept. 2012 – present

A resident of Phoenix since 2005, Fran has been making art full-time since then. Journaling, collaging, and drawing were always ways she used to express herself. She is mostly self-taught, with a few workshops taken along the way to hone particular skills. Fran attended Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, where she received her BA in English and Sociology. From there, Fran went on to get a MS in Health Care Administration at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Most of Fran’s professional training is in business administration, publishing and social work.